As the weather gets cooler, the use of natural gas appliances like water heaters, furnaces and ovens can go up. Schedule a gas appliance check with SDG&E to make sure your appliances are working properly and efficiently to help keep gas bills lower. Getting your appliances inspected is a great way to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning too.

One of SDG&E’s gas technicians will come to your home or business to inspect your natural gas appliances. There are several complimentary services:

  • Light and inspect gas pilot lights. Make sure pilot lights and burner flames are a clear blue.
  • Check that gas appliances are operating safely and efficiently and not emitting carbon monoxide.
  • Ensure gas furnaces are working properly and inspect the condition of the filter which improves the furnace’s heating ability.

Visit for details. You can schedule your appointment at or on SDG&E’s mobile app. When in My Account, select “Services,” “Services Overview” then “Gas Appliances Check.” If you’re in the app, select the “More” tab. From “Services,“ select “Gas Appliances Check.”